Who do I contact with questions

Who do I contact with questions?

General Camp Questions:
Main Camp Line
(910) 962-3418 office
(757) 817-0525 emergency contact

What is your cancellation policy

INDIVIDUAL CAMPS: $35 is non-refundable. A full refund (less on-line purchase fee) will be made if a cancellation due to injury is accompanied by a physician’s statement indicating inability to participate.

COACHES: $100 is non-refundable for overnight coaches.
$ 50 is non-refundable for commuting team coach.
PLAYERS: $100 is non-refundable for overnight campers
$ 35 is non-refundable for commuters
No refund will be given to any camper sent home for disciplinary reasons.

Early bird prices are 100% nonrefundable for any reason.

There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks.